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Product code: #1055


XL Buffalo Slapper.


Made from buffalo leather, which is known for its durability, thickness, and ability to deliver a firm impact. Buffalo leather tends to be more rugged and has a distinctive grain pattern compared to cowhide.


The "XL" indicates that it is an extra-large version, meaning it is bigger and more substantial than standard slappers. This size allows for a broader area of impact and potentially more intense sensations.


Primarily used for impact play, where the sensation of being struck by the leather can range from a mild sting to a more intense thud, depending on the force applied and the area of the body targeted. It is favored for its ability to produce a distinct, sharp impact with a satisfying sound.


Requires regular maintenance to keep the leather in good condition, including cleaning and conditioning to prevent drying and cracking.

This description outlines the general aspects of an XL buffalo slapper, emphasizing its construction, material, and intended use in impact play scenarios.



SKU: #1055

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