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Our Carbon Footprint

Big N Buff's aim to reduce their carbon footprint starts at home. 

With reduction in waste products and donating off-cuts we cant use to other local small businesses we are able to keep our negative contributions to waste products low, combined with our hybrid vehicles and plain brown biodegradable cardboard that is recyclable for our shipping boxes, we hope to make a small difference.

We also try where possible to recycle most of the packaging we receive our materials in, as well as using sustainably sourced materials as and where we can, we know this isn't always possible, but little efforts go a long way.

One of our main contributing factors is using reclaimed or salvaged products, for example, none of the brass work used in our vintage products are new. We always source these pieces from car boots or antique stores, meaning no new metal work is created for those pieces. The brass is often made from old candelabras or items designed to display as collectibles, which we think is just magic! 

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