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We pride ourselves in high quality work and beautiful products, but don't take our word for it, see what others have to say.

Anon FL said, 

"An awesome display stall for the amazing hand made kink toys from BigNBuff!"

BessieBaby said, 

"Beautifully handcrafted just for my tiny hands, and personalised with my name, this is easily one of the most wonderful things ever to have graced my body. From the soft pink leather to the deceivingly scratchy antler handle, it's a piece of absolute art, made by the one and only BigNBuff. I adore it"

Lana- Goddess said,

"I can highly recommend BignBuff work, I have a couple of very treasured pieces from them! xx"

-l0ki- said,

"I rarely have a particular inclination towards floggers but this one was so unique I couldn't leave it behind. The antler top is a perfect touch of nature that doubles up as a sensory (or even sadistic) toy, and the hair on hide falls have such a versatile set of sensations to them. The resin on the handle is just gorgeous too, the emerald green snaked with yellow truly makes it a 'loki' flogger"

Faye_Sanders said,

"Superb quality, bespoke pieces that any kinkster would be proud to grace their playroom wall or kit bag with. Very proud of my superb collection of floggers,slappers,paddles and personalised canes bag.Beautiful products made by equally beautiful people"

Aquarius_Dom said,

"The beauty and craftsmanship of my pair of Florentines (Poi) are superb, the amazingly soft purple biker leather falls are so deceptive when used sensually they are so gentle on the body, but hide a wicked sting when wielded with power!"

-BadRabbit- said, 

"They've managed to create something that feels like an expansion of myself. The natural materials used evoke feelings of wildness and being one with nature. It's a bit of a bizarre feeling to say the least, empowerment and vulnerability in one. The craftsmanship and details really show the care that goes in to their work and I am forever spotting something else to love in the pieces"

AddysDaddy said,

"Our 1st Big n Buff flogger was this gorgeous brown suede one with a lovely brass handle. It's really versatile, nice and thuddy if used with a heavy hand, but great for a warm up if used lightly. 
Our 2nd one is this beautiful black, half suede half leather with a deer antler end. As you can imagine it's incredibly versatile, very good as a sensory tool and it can pack a punch as a flogger. One thing I will say is you have to be careful how you hold it as a flogger due to the curve of the antler on the end, but it doesn't take much getting used to"

Rick said, 

"The build quality of their floggers is second to none, the materials are of a very high standard and the many options of leather, woods, weights shows true craftsmanship. A truly stunning product"

BeastieFS said,

"It started with a paddle... Now it's a piece from every collection, plus a canes bag! Each piece is stunning and unique, some of O/our absolute favourites"

SpiritedCob said,

"We absolutely love our flogger we bought from you at The BBB, it's a lovely weight and the mix of different weighted tails gives a great sensation"

Anon FL said, 

"We bought a beautiful flogger and embossed slapper from BignBuff, the craftsmanship of these kink supply creators is amazing"

Bear said

"Drail is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, with long heavy suede falls perfectly weighted to provide ample choice between pain and pleasure. It has an excellently shaped and sized handle, with a uniqueness that simply cannot be matched. The antler is chosen to be the ideal shape for its extended uses. All in all this is an incredible flogger that not only looks amazing but functions equally well, true to its form. I feel lucky to own it, thank you Big n Buff"

Anon FL said,

"Lovely pieces of equipment, we have two floggers and a slapper and they're all really nicely made, good attention to detail and wonderful customer service, we will be purchasing more of their products in the future!"
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