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  • How do I commission a piece?
    Here at Big n Buff, we are happy to be able to offer custom cane bags. You can enquire about customs by using the contact form on our page or you can email us with your ideas at We love to make pieces that are truly bespoke to the individual, so why not drop us a message with your idea and we will see what we can do? But for now, here's a little bit of info: Our cane bags come in three sizes, they start at 36" for the smallest up to 45" for the largest. Commissioned cane bags start at £450 and prices will differ depending on size and design. Leather is a natural material and while we have all the faith in our skills, there are limitations to designs that can be tooled. We do sometimes have cane bags for sale, please use the button at the end of the FAQ to see what pre-made items we have.
  • Where are your materials sourced?
    Our materials come predominantly from small businesses over the UK. We source other bespoke materials such as our brass pieces from local antique stores, flea markets and second hand stores. Our antlers are all sustainably sourced from Scotland and surrounding areas, they are naturally dropped by the animals and collected by us from agricultural maintenance personnel all over the UK. We love to re-purpose items and give them the chance to be something that can be admired and loved for another lifetime and taking something with so much character and history gives our pieces a little bit extra, another story to build on the pieces final destination. This can mean our pre-loved elements come with some natural tarnishing from their previous life.
  • How do I care for my leather goods?
    Leather is a natural material, it is strong, flexible and durable. The material is obtained from the tanning or treatment of animal skins and hides to prolong its life and make it usable for product design or clothing. As strong as leather is, it can also be fragile, much like our own skin. Leather will need care. Looking after your leather goods starts with day-to-day care. By following a few rules, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend the life of your accessories for years: Leather is a skin and it can stretch. Avoid stretching or bending the leather for prolonged periods to maintain its original shape. We advise hanging your items or storing them flat where hanging is not an option. Take extra care with leather items you use often. Take time after use to wipe away debris with a soft cloth, you can use a mild leather cleaner to remove heavier marks, but be aware some of the coloured leathers may leach dye if they are allowed to become sodden. We do not advise soaking any of your leather goods in any liquid. Scratches can detract from a flawlessly crafted piece, however natural materials over time can become marked. Take care to avoid contact with heavily embellished clothes, sharp surfaces, or chunky jewellery when you are using your products, unless you like a weathered look. Wet leather requires extra care, so if bodily fluids are forecast, allow your leather to dry with natural air flow and treat with a moisturiser once dried. Much the same as our skin, leather can become damaged by prolonged direct sunlight. If you are displaying a piece in natural light, please be advised colours may fade and materials can dry out. While our leather pieces are treated in a way to extend the life of the material, you too must do your part in caring for the leather. Please do not store in plastic bags, leather needs ventilation to maintain its original state. Please do not store your goods near artificial heat (like radiators) this will dry the leather out. If you are planning to store your pieces for longer periods, ensure you wrap embellishments in tissue paper to prevent creating unwanted imprints on the leather surfaces. We recommend using a stocking to transport your floggers from A to B or for storing where you cannot hang. Different leather will need different care, if you are unsure of how to treat your leather, please contact us and we can advise products for treating. Leather furniture cleaners or car detailing products are sometimes perfumed, please be advised where possible, natural cleaning and conditioning treatments will be a better product for your leather goods.
  • Do you offer a fixed guarantee?
    Due to the nature of our products we do not offer a fixed guarantee. The pieces we produce are subject to change depending on the quality of care and the amount of usage they are subjected to. While we have all the faith in our products, they are designed for use and as much as we test our methods of creation in the manner in which they are designed for, one cannot expect all variables to have been tested. As such we reserve the right to provide as little or as much support as we feel is necessary based on the evidence you provide. With that said, we are happy to inspect and help solve problems where we are able, but please be thoughtful with your requests. If you know you haven't cared for your products or if we tell you you haven't cared for your products, please do not expect us to replace or fix items for damage caused by lack of care, general wear and tear or misuse.
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