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What a journey we have been on so far! Whilst many of you will have seen or heard of us over the past year this journey really began in 2019 when we took ourselves to a newly opened club Liberation-FS. Through time and friendship a business partnership was born and we wouldn't be where we are today without them Faye Sanders and beastie-FS. Through lock down and into the present we have worked together to build and support each other in business, growing within the BBB together.


This year we took the leap to step-up to the front of the business and have spent 2023 trading at as many markets as we could and with the help of our admin -BadRabbit- we took the leap to get online too! We could not be prouder of the growth of Bignbuff as a brand and our passion for creating bespoke products has only increased because of it. Meeting other traders, talking with customers and finding new and interesting materials to work with has only strengthened our love and drive for what we do.


We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us so far. To the markets who have invited or accepted us to trade, to the people online who have liked, shared and commented and to those who have looked, loved or purchased from us, thank you.


With the sad closure of SubSpaceLeathers late this year a new opportunity presented itself and with it another chance to work together on a project. SubspaceLeathers has a special place with Faye and beastie as L-B-L was one of the launch platforms for their incredible ABDL range. For us it is a new venture, a chance to breathe some Bignbuff into an already amazing stock line and of course another project for us all.

Without further a do... We will be presenting the new range, supporting those in the ageplay community, with Baby Big N Buff! 

A range of leather accessories to compliment your head spaces. 

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