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A Guide To Our Floggers

Flogging, an ancient form of corporal punishment and a prevalent practice in BDSM communities, has long been recognised for its ability to create diverse sensations through different styles and intentions. With the careful selection of implements, techniques, and motivations, flogging can elicit a wide range of physical and emotional responses, each tailored to the individual's desires and boundaries.


When it comes to styles of flogging, the choice of instrument can play a crucial role. A lightweight flogger with thinner falls like our 10mm range can generate a delightful and sharper feeling when compared to a wider fall like the 20mm, creating more of a sting upon contact when the pressure behind it is power driven.

(Photo shows an example of a BignBuff flogger with 10mm falls & smooth leather upper hide, flexible with slightly more rigidity than suede. Smooth texture, potential to deliver a sharper sensation if needed)

But this doesn't mean it can only be used for stinging sensations. When used with less force its tendrils dance across the skin, awakening nerve endings and igniting a rush of sensation. This style is often associated with a more playful and teasing intention and is wonderful for sensory play, encouraging a mix of pleasure and mild pain.


On the other end of the spectrum lies the heavy flogger, characterised by thick, supple leather falls, much like our 20mm ranges. With each strike, this implement can deliver a deep thud that reverberates through the body, enveloping the recipient in a sensation of weight and power. This style is commonly employed for those seeking a more intense and immersive experience with more weight behind it.

(Photo shows an example of a BignBuff flogger with 20mm falls & american badger hide, soft, supple leather with a velvet like texture, soft to touch, but with weight behind it. Could be used to create a thuddy impact, but very versatile)

But again, this can be tailored to suit an individual's needs on any given day. A thick flogger doesn't mean you can only play with a heavy delivery, every movement with an implement is controlled by the handler of said implement. You, as the one who wields.


Hide will play a part in the outcome of sensation. Smoother/shiny leathers will aid in creating a sharper sensation, this could include topside leathers, embossed, shined or polished and bonded leathers (with foils on top) and nu-buck will all contribute to a sharper feeling when they strike the skin if the impact has significant weight behind it.

Split leathers are naturally 'fluffier' and more fibrous on the surface as the top layer has been buffed, split or sanded away revealing a softer more textured under layer, thus creating a duller sensation on impact. Things like calf skin, goatskin, hair on hide (although not a split hide), pull up hide, suede, these leathers all have more surface area, and thus more cushioning, they appear soft to the touch and often more textured.

So, if you purchase a flogger with 10mm falls in a smooth hide, you are looking at a piece that could aid you in producing a much stingier sensation.

If you were to purchase a flogger with 20mm falls in a suede hide, you are likely to be able to create a deeper, more powerful impact and cover a bigger surface area on the skin.

A good example might be to imagine the difference between having your behind slapped with a naked hand VS being kicked with a booted foot. They can both hurt, they can both make you yelp, one is likely to leave you clenching and holding your behind, probably reddened in a more isolated area, the other will cover your whole cheek and could fling you across the room if it needed to.


Beyond the style of the flogger, the technique employed by the user further shapes the sensations experienced.

Ultimately, the beauty of flogging lies in its versatility to cater to diverse desires, preferences, and intentions. From gentle caresses to intense sensations, flogging allows individuals to embark on a journey of exploration, experiencing pleasure, pain, connection, and liberation within the realms of consensual BDSM. It is through the delicate interplay of styles, intentions, and the unique chemistry between partners that the art of flogging comes alive, inviting individuals to delve into a realm of physicality and emotion rarely explored in everyday life.

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